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   The Carol I National Defence University launched the scientific initiative Strategies XXI in 2005, and has organized it science then. This year we are meeting again, in an online format exclusively, from 28 to 29 June 2023.

   Among the conference main objectives are the dissemination of the scientific research results in the academic community as well as partnership development and consolidation with education and research military and civilian institutions, nationally and internationally.

   This year’s edition central theme spins around issues on security environment, international relation and military art with, presentations and promotion of the scientific output in the field.

   The main panels will focus on the following topics:

   Under the aegis of Strategies XXI conference we aim to gather and express views on the state-of-the-art in the field of global security and national defence encompassed by the contemporary military phenomenon. 


Papers should be submitted only on the conference website using the camera-ready template model (The Chicago Manual of Style).

All authors must register, and each paper should be covered by one conference fee.


   Additional papers: a maximum of 2 articles can be published. For the second article, an additional 100 € is paid, for all authors / co-authors.

  A paper cannot have more than 7 authors. 

   While STRATEGIES XXI does encourage commercial participation, it is mainly a scientific event. The conference relates to and displays commercial activities throughout the STRATEGIES XXI program in Products/Services Showcase and other presentations by companies.

   We invite you to attend STRATEGIES XXI in 2022 and submit proposals for papers, panels, roundtables, workshops, research/technical showcases, products/services showcases, products/services presentations, and poster presentations.

   For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

Virtual Rooms

Room A

June 28th
Conference Opening and Plenary Session (Keynote Speakers)

Room B

June 29th

Room C

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Room D

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