At the beginning of 2011, we envisioned a safer cyber environment for companies with in-depth security needs. We had the knowledge and the means to do it, so it was only natural to establish the first dedicated cyber security company in Romania. We gathered a team of top information security experts, and set up the foundation of what shortly became a regional cyber security player. Founded in Bucharest, our company offers cyber security services and solutions tailored to every enterprise. We call it applied cyber security intelligence: a framework seen as a hybrid system where we combine both artificial and human intelligence, while securing businesses, companies and a safer future for all. Our team's dedication and professionalism has elevated our company to the global stage alongside global leading security players, while emerging on the Romanian landscape, but also penetrating foreign markets such as USA, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, Malta and many more. At Safetech Innovations, we envision a culture of cyber security, and build it alongside our academic and strategic partners. We invest in the development of education and train the generations to come in the field of cyber security in Romania. We are also proud to be the only Romanian company member of the NATO Industry Cyber Partnership.

ASCENDIA adventure started in 2007. Behind the numbers, we are a team of enthusiastic people. Some of us young and creative, some of us with long term experience in eLearning, 3D modelling and computer arts. Our team presently consists of 27 members and it's still expanding.

Our main goal... is to find the most challenging projects in education. Technologies are changing fast. We manage to stay update by creating dynamic teams around each project. We all share knowledge with each other and keep a strong focus on results.


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